Festival Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi- A Festival That Celebrates An Adorable Bond

Your brother or sister is probably the best gift that you have got from your parents. They certainly irritate you a lot at times, but who else can helps you understand the value of bittersweet moments in your life.

Also, your sibling helps you value companionship, trust, and many other virtues that remain with you throughout life. And that’s probably why we celebrate the festival of RakshaBandhan with such fervour and mirth.

Rakhi is no ordinary festival, it is the only one that celebrates a relationship. It is one day when you shower loads of love on your brother or sister while enjoying feasts and gifts. With this day, we revive our love with our brother or sister every year.

On this day, brothers and sisters get to express their affection towards each other in a very unique manner. The simple act of tying a thread someone’s hand ceremoniously can start a very sacred relationship between a man and a woman.

That’s the reason, the tradition of trying Rakhi transcends sanguine relationships. You would see many girls or women who tie Rakhi to boys or men who are not even remotely related to them. With this holy thread, two people can get associated in a very pious bond.

Every year, thousands of girls send Rakhis to our soldiers at the frontier. Since the thread is believed to protect the bearer, it becomes a way for the sisters to express their concern towards their brothers.

Through this festival, we also get to bring lots of sweetness and camaraderie to our lives. The confectionary stores shore up their production of sweets, the usual grocery stores extend their selling area with a dedicated stall for rakhis.

And yes, thousands of women get to earn some money by making these crafty threads. Besides Rakhi and sweets, chocolates and several other gift items are also bought on a huge scale. So yes, the festival also brings a smile to the faces of many traders and artisans.

The festival of Rakhi is very special for everyone, those don’t have real brothers or sister also celebrate it with their cousins or ennobled ones. No wonder, when everyone around you is feeling the joy of this festival, why should anyone be bereft of such enjoyment?

Every year, we tie a different Rakhi and give a different gift to our dear ones. And every time, the bond becomes more special and quintessential. The joy of tying and carrying a rakhi on the wrist is priceless. It makes us blissful and keeps that elated state for quite some time.

This year too, we will celebrate rakhi with the same excitement and bonhomie. We would fill this day with lots of mirthful moments and feasts. On this special occasion, let us be more affable and supportive to our brothers and sisters. Let us be more caring about the people we love.

HDSE Infotech wishes you a very Happy RakshaBandhan to all of you!

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